Once again, I am disgusted by the comments and actions of County Commissioner Del Shelsted.

His recent comments as an elected official at the CCPL meeting regarding the PUBLIC library display for Rainbow Book Month show him to be homophobic in addition to the misogynistic and racist buffoon that he has shown us to be in the past. Mr. Shelsted continues to show that he cannot be trusted to be a leader for all residents of Campbell County, only those that align with his very narrow and very toxic views.

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Thank you Commissioner Shelstad for upholding good family morals and calling out Pride month and the Rainbow Book event for what it is!


Very true, Shelsted is part of the group who started this fiasco of hate toward the LGBTQ community in Gillette. Religion does not belong in government. There is separation of church and state for a good reason.


As a member of the so-called "alphabet community" I wholeheartedly agree with Commission Shelstad. While I don't advocate hate for anyone, I also think the hedonism of Pride is a disgrace to my community and I will not support it (and have never attended a Pride event). The issue here is CCPLS promoting one group over another, it's gov't discrimination plain and simple and must not be allowed. Can we all just return to the 'live and let live' of the Wyoming of my youth?


Well said!!! I commend you!


I’d rather have Shelstad speaking his mind and support what some the people also feel! Ever view should be discussed, not just the Julie Mason view. Everyone and every group and person has a right to speak, unlike you who wants your point of view to be the only one!

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