After reading Norm Silbaugh’s letter “What about my vote?”, I have to say, REALLY, Norm?

He asks will people that wave Trump flags (he calls them vigilantes) let him vote? He asks if he mails his ballot, will it count? He asks if he votes for Biden, will it count? Relax, Norm. Your vote will be counted.

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That's right Chris, retreat into your little Fox News, Trump bubble. It's people like you who are unwilling to actually search for the truth and unwilling to listen to the other side that will ultimately be the downfall of America.


You should follow you’re advice and look at some news source other then little , cnn,nvm,cbs etc etc . I’ve seen enough of your comments that describe your unwillingness to listen . I also drive a big black truck but I’ll make sure not to terrorize you.

Deb Strohschein

Totally agree with you, Chris.

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