I would like to read more about real challenges facing our community, instead we are faced with a minority who would rather draw our attention away from the hard work required to solve them. Why do so many young people want to leave Gillette? How do few continue to arrive for work and then leave when they can. How about our economic reliance on boom-and-bust cycles? Maybe talk about why our public-school teachers are overworked and underappreciated? How can we make our interest in history and its importance more than word deep? What will we do every year to get our community to thrive culturally, spiritually, economically and civically? I am confident that many people and organizations are working on these questions and more, every credit to them and the hills they must climb.

Instead of drawing positive useful attention to them, an angry minority wants to distract us from solving these crucial challenges, by creating a problem like “bad” books in libraries — and directing our governments to solve it for us. The only explanation I can think of for this strategy is that real challenges require work, consensus, conversation and effort to solve. Meanwhile, fake problems require none of this and only need conspiracy, fear and anger to solve, easy goals to achieve. I grew up in Wyoming and I have learned many lessons, one consistent lesson that I learned early is that Wyoming is full of people who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and do the work. We do not make excuses for our problems and we certainly never cower behind fear, misunderstanding and conspiracy to get what we want, to do so is un-Wyoming-like and I am confident it is un-Gillette-like, too.

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This is such a breath of fresh air. Thank you, Lukas, for this wake-up call. As our local legislators head to Cheyenne, Campbell County constituents need to hold them accountable to bills and legislation that will help a Wyoming agenda--not a national agenda pushed by Fox News or Infowars. We need newly elected city and county leaders to take heed of your advice. To support the needs of all members of our community. To use the example set by Mike Enzi years ago by creating policies and infrastructure that will attract young families into our workforce and economy.


Missed it by that much......

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