BENJAMEN WENTZ, 28, pleaded guilty May 22 to possession of meth. In a plea agreement, a count of using meth was dismissed. He was given suspended sentences of two to four years on an earlier felony marijuana possession charge and three to five years on the meth possession charge. Instead, Rumpke gave him a split sentence of 90 days in county jail (credit for 24 days served) and then three years of supervised probation on the marijuana charge and five years of supervised probation on the meth charge, to be served concurrently. He also must complete high-intensity residential substance abuse treatment and apply to Adult Treatment Court. Rumpke also ordered him to pay $1,195 in fees. In the meth case, police were called to North Brooks on Jan. 15 because a man was having a seizure. EMS medics believed Wentz was not actually suffering from a seizure but reacting to some unknown substance. A subsequent search of Wentz’s backpack turned up two wet cotton swabs that tested positive for meth, according to court documents. Wentz had pleaded guilty five days earlier to the marijuana charge in a plea agreement in which two other counts of possession were dismissed. In that case, Wentz was arrested Nov. 29 after someone smelled burning marijuana in an apartment on Boxelder Road. Inside, police found a case with property belonging to Wentz containing numerous baggies with residue, paraphernalia and a syringe with 0.15 grams of liquid meth. Elsewhere in the apartment, police found 0.12 grams of crystal meth and about 0.4 grams of marijuana in two pipes, according to court documents. The possession charges are felonies because he had two prior convictions.

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