TARAN M. JONES, 36, waived her preliminary hearing Oct. 31 and was bound over to District Court for felony child abuse and two misdemeanor counts of domestic battery. She is accused of repeatedly hitting a man and her teenage daughter. Gillette police responded Oct. 21 at about 1:45 a.m. to the report of Jones beating up the man she was dating and destroying their house. She left before officers arrived and the man said they had gone out to Fireside Bar and Lounge that night where things were going well until Jones confronted him about personal issues outside the bar. While they were driving home, Jones was the driver and allegedly hit the man multiple times with her right forearm to his face, causing the man to step out of the vehicle on the side of Interstate 90 and chose to walk home. She eventually found him at the Flying J on Highway 59 where she grabbed him by the collar and yelled at him to get back into the vehicle. Once he was back in the passenger seat, she continued hitting him on the drive home, which he recorded a video of on his phone and posted to Snapchat, where his mom saw the video and called police. The video showed Jones hitting the man, who was bleeding from his nose. Once at home, she allegedly threw candles, vases, a vacuum and other items at the man, including a chair that hit him on the head and caused swelling. The woman’s teenage daughter saw the fight and pushed Jones away from the man, at which point Jones allegedly forced her daughter to the ground and hit her multiple times, which was also video recorded by the man. He eventually pulled Jones off of her daughter and Jones eventually left the residence on foot. Officers found Jones on the street where she showed them her knuckles and said “I didn’t hit him.” The video allegedly showed her hitting the man with an open palm and her forearm. Jones denied hitting the man and said that instead she had picked him up from Fireside and that he began punching himself in her Jeep. Jones continued to deny being the aggressor and claimed she was pushing him away from her. Her daughter was treated at the hospital for her injuries and corroborated most of the man’s side of the story when interviewed. Jones was also arrested on a probation violation. She had a .104% blood alcohol content and was on probation for previous domestic violence and DUI charges with alcohol restrictions, according to court documents.

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