TIMOTHY PAUL GRANZER JR., 32, pleaded guilty Sept. 1 to possessing heroin as part of a plea agreement in which misdemeanor counts of endangering a child and using heroin were dismissed. Prosecutors will recommend a suspended two- to four-year prison sentence and three years of supervised probation. Granzer was found unresponsive Aug. 16 in the bathroom of his home on Emerson Avenue. Police had been alerted to the problem after pulling over a 16-year-old boy speeding 48 mph in a 35 mph zone on Enzi Drive. He told police he was in a hurry because his 6-year-old cousin couldn’t wake up his father. Police were able to get Granzer to answer them from behind the locked bathroom door, but he wouldn’t come out or open the door. When police and EMS were finally able to get to him, he showed signs of opioid use and because he couldn’t stay alert or coherent, they administered Narcan to counteract the drug. In the bathroom, officers had seen a “drug spoon” and tinfoil with black lines on it that they suspected were used to heat heroin or opioid pills before they are injected. A later search turned up about 0.3 grams of black tar heroin. The spoon, a syringe and tinfoil all had residue that tested positive for heroin, according to court documents. Granzer had two convictions for possession on Aug. 6, making the latest one a felony. He also was in the 24/7 program, according to court documents.

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