DANIEL YOUNG-DEARING, 27, pleaded not guilty Sept. 3 to aggravated assault and battery, a felony, and a misdemeanor count of destruction of property. His fiancee required 15 stitches to close the wounds in her chin and inside her mouth under her lower lip after he allegedly punched her in the mouth Aug. 12 after they argued about “attitudes.” Two of her teeth also were pushed back and the emergency room doctor said the muscle or tendon that allows her to move her lips around were 95% severed by the punch. She had said that she was hit by a car door, but the doctor said the injury wasn’t consistent with hitting a car door. Young-Dearing also said he had kicked the driver’s door into her. He denied hitting her but he had a fresh bruise and cut on his middle knuckle that would be consistent with punching someone. He said it was from working in the oil field, according to court documents. He also is accused of breaking her phone.

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