The felony charge against JEREMY SLOAN, 39, of forgery was dismissed and the case remanded to Circuit Court where prosecutors will file a misdemeanor charge of shoplifting instead. He was accused of passing two counterfeit $100 bills at Flying J. on Dec. 23, which although they passed the marker test used by the clerk, were smaller than normal bills, lacked the holographic blue band and had the same serial numbers. He gave one to the clerk to pay for cigarettes and was given change. He then asked the clerk to make change from another $100 bill, according to court documents. Sloan also was suspected in two shoplifting cases at Walmart in which he allegedly took a laptop valued at $167 and two pairs of overalls valued at $262. When contacted by police, he gave conflicting statements about the cases, saying he didn’t know anything about them, but then indicated with statements that he did, according to court documents.

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