These couples received marriage licenses in Campbell County. They are from Gillette unless otherwise noted.

  • Taylor Dean Nieskens and Megan Mae Larrison, both of Upton
  • Taylor Fae Niles and Sydney Renee Costello
  • Rory Gerald Geis and Angela Rae Schock
  • Nickolas Jay Hollenbeck and Aleece Jayla Mandsley
  • John Gordon Kodet and Ashley Bryce Mallett
  • Roger Michael Young and Sharon Senaida Antle
  • Wayne Donn Waller and Stephanie Ann Gisi
  • Alexander Ray Bartell and Bre’allan Marlene Wanke
  • Cole Grey Barbacci and Lucy Jayne Palmer
  • Ewald Fred Waldner and Leicy Jean Franklin
  • Reinhard Davis Evitt and Laura Ann Burnett, both of Williston, North Dakota
  • David Andrew Barner and Kimberly Ann Kunce
  • Joseph Merrel Hyne and Valerie Ann Randall
  • Derek Michael Sullivan and Kaitlin Charlene Hudson
  • Shain Allen Hahn and Lindsey Starr Petri
  • Kolter George Miller and Nicole Cora Carsens
  • Austin Bradley Woodworth and Elizabeth Grace Oakes, both of Hulett
  • Joel Asher Marquiss and Fabiola Guadalupe Quezada Barajas
  • Dallas Edward Lamb and Corrie Lynn Newman
  • Kelly Christian Sutherland and Amanda Lynn Parsons
  • Travis Waid Chase and Kasandra Noel Eddings
  • Kevin James Lindsey and Kayla Marie England
  • Harold Wayne Stilwell and Vee Allen McKim
  • Miranda Rae Gould and Mikael dean Essen
  • Ronnie Joe Roderick and Mindi Sue Story
  • Ethan Michael Smith and Aunamae Alissa Brinkerhoff
  • Ernest Heinze Kwek III of Rozet and Stephanie Ann Hyne

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