Matthew Michael Mordecai and Dacia May Lyman

Kenyan Lee Martin and Kylie Alexandria Dillings

Therran Lee Walstad and Brigett Sue McCollum

Jeremiah Brandon Tinker and Sara Jean Gebhart, both of Upton

Justin Lee Boyd and Vanessa Jean Vandom

Micheal Levi Lish and Jessica Fatima Church, both of Lavaca, Arkansas

Kyle Jared Mills of Murray, Utah, and Megan Ann Johnson of Bountiful, Utah

Jeffrey Harold Kling and Irma Martha Garcia Vinces

Nicholas Anthony Saavedra and Leanna Jacklynn Thara

Tagen James Schmidt and BrettLynn Marie Holfeltz

Bradley Michael Ward and Laressa Jean Oster

Shawn Lyn Acord and Acacia Mueller Elkins, both of Weston

Tyler Scott Richardson and Synneva Nicole Hakert

David Mark Brown and Cynthia Katherine Mader

Levi Joshua Irons and Rebecca Ann Bickal

Anthony Paul Bernard and Tanya Nicole Bernard, both of Rozet

Aaron Daniel Layman and Cynthia Marie Nicolia

James Alvin Horton and Kimberly Sue Korb

Donald Eugene Stein III and Jennifer Renee Wisneski-Smith

Terry Dean Vigil and Anne Lynn Fischer

Kerry John Hatzenbihler and Amanda Gayle Walker

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