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Gillette News Record

1201 W. Second Street

Gillette, Wyoming

Phone:(307) 682-9306

Fax: (307) 686-9306

News Record: (307) 682-9306



Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday Closed.


Editorial Department

Ann Turner
Phone:(307) 682-9306 ext 203
Valerie Kettrey
General manager, ext 223
Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson
Managing editor, Energy and health: ext 202
Kathy Brown
Education and community: ext 104
Ashley Detrick
Online editor and reporter
Roy Frazier
Sports Reporter: ext 108
Jonathan Gallardo
Reporter: ext 207
Patrick Filbin
Reporter: ext 204
Perrin Stein
Reporter: ext 206
Mark Harris
Sports Reporter: ext 210
Rhianna Gelhart
Photographer: ext 209

August Frank

Photographer: ext 209



Bob Kettrey
Advertising Manager ext. 217
Michele Gossett
Sales representative ext. 216
Julie Coté
Sales representative ext. 214
Robert Pederson
Robert Pederson
Sales representative ext. 218

Creative Services

JR Study
Graphic Design ext. 220
Dawn Sommer
Pre-production specialist ext. 221


Shawna Glasser
Circulation Manager ext. 126
Christina Hankins
Circulation Manager ext. 106
Beth Dehner


 Brittany Badwound
Carrier Coordinator ext. 127


Joan Wanke
Mailroom supervisor ext. 229
Mame Hertel
Mailroom ext. 229


Tom Pickvet
Press operator ext. 119

Business/Front Desk

Denice Treloar
Customer Service ext. 101
Robin Cash
Bookeeper ext. 107

Denice Treloar
Legal Desk ext. 222



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