Excitement has been building for opening kickoff for weeks. The high school season is still about two weeks away, but peewee football is officially here.

After two weeks of practice, the Campbell County Junior Football Association players put their pads on and strapped their helmets up for battle Saturday. It was an action-packed morning at Dalbey Memorial Park, with all 32 teams in the league playing their opening games.

“There’s always nerves and jitters at first, but everyone gets fired up. I know my boy does,” Packers head coach Chad Olson said. “It’s just getting the hard work and last two weeks of practice to come together.”

The Packers used a strong run game to open their season with a 20-7 win over a good Chargers team. That was just one of 16 games on the day, though.

Gillette youth football has the best numbers in the state with 600 players from first through sixth grades. On opening day, there were 10 tackle football games and six flag games, which don’t have scores kept.

“This is a great program. I speak very highly of it,” Olson said. “Robbie Lang Jr. and his crew on the board do a great job. I would definitely recommend it.”

Moving forward, Campbell County junior football will play at Dalbey Memorial Park at 6 and 7:15 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays, followed by the Saturday games that kick off at 8 a.m. each week.

The one weekend the teams will take off is for Labor Day.

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