Boys Camels vs Broncs (copy)

The Camels' Luke Hladky goes up for a basket against the Sheridan Broncs during a January game.

Campbell County High School boys basketball was ahead 36-25 over Sheridan High School midway through the third quarter on Friday night.

Then a Broncs scoring streak ruined the Camels bid at getting a revenge win over their rivals.

Sheridan (12-6 overall) scored 19-straight without allowing a single Campbell County (8-11 overall) point to flip the script on the Camels by the middle of the fourth quarter. The Broncs then took a 63-49 victory over the Camels at Sheridan's own gym.

"It starts on the offensive end, I think. We flowed the ball down. Defensively, we weren't engaged. I thought five guys in the first half were all engaged on the floor, really helping each other," Campbell County coach Bubba Hladky said. "It seemed like the second half, we had two or three guys really interested in the rebounding, and a couple out there kind of floating.

"It was a number of things. To give up a run that big, it's more than just one thing."

Campbell County’s Jefferson Neary hit a layup midway through the third quarter, and the Camels were up to a 36-25 lead over Sheridan on Friday night. After that, the Camels didn't score for almost seven minutes, and when the Camels called a timeout with 5:21 left in the fourth quarter, the Broncs held a 44-36 lead.

Sheridan finished the game by outscoring Campbell County 19-13, and the Broncs ensured a regular-season sweep of their rival to the East.

"They went straight man and really locked up on the shooter, so if we drove there wasn't a lot of help other than from the big. ... We maybe got a little impatient and tried to really cram it down their throat when we didn't need to," Hladky said. "It's good for us to see that, again, and feel this so we can continue to improve our decision making as the season goes forward here down the stretch."

Sheridan defeated Campbell County 68-50 earlier in the season.

The Camels began the game on a hot shooting streak.

In the first quarter, the Camels hit 8-of-13 field goals and five of those buckets were threes. Quincy Wofford hit two, Tanner Lemm hit two, and Jefferson Neary hit one. Neary scored nine points in the first quarter alone.

Neary led the Camels with 16 points in the game.

The Camels led 21-10 after the first, and 31-21 at the half.

CCHS was without two important role players in Austin Robertson and Ryan Schmit. Robertson was out with strep throat and Schmit rolled his ankle in practice, Hladky said. It's uncertain if either will play Saturday, Hladky said.

Next, the Camels play Casper-Natrona County at home at 2:30 p.m. Saturday.

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