David Rodish

My name is David Rodish and I’m the new sports editor at the Gillette News Record. I took this job because storytelling is an incredible passion of mine, and the best stories are always in sports. The best place to find those great sports stories are in towns like Gillette.

As a Denver native who moved to the Phoenix desert, it has always been a dream of mine to escape the heat and move back to somewhere with snow. Gillette jumped off the map at me in my job search and it is the perfect spot for me to start my career.

Send your sports news to Sports Editor David Rodish at drodish@gillettenewsrecord.net or call 682-9306, ext. 204

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Welcome to town!


We had a kid a few years ago that grew up with my two boys in Gillette sports there were two Oldenburg brothers one of them I think it was Clint went on to play in the NFL I think he played for the New England Patriots. I’ve lost track of him but that’s a big deal for a little town like Gillette. That would make a great local sports story. This was before we had two high schools so he went to Campbell County High School. Clint was a Camel. It seems like I heard at one time he went to work for the Madden Game company as a programmer or product designer, something like that. I’m sure someone will see this and correct my mistakes, but it would make a great human interest/sports follow up story. Gillette had huge youth, high school and college support for athletics. Campbell County High School owned the basketball state championship in the nineties. Coach Curry and coach Gunderson are legendary in high school basketball 🏀

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