Sage Valley, Twin Spruce compete in local race

Both of Gillette’s junior high schools competed at the Morgan McLeland Memorial Race on Oct. 8 at Cam-plex Park.

There were 407 junior high runners competing in four races 3-kilometer (about 1.9 miles) races.

Twin Spruce eighth grader Avery DeWine led Gillette’s runners with a second place finish in a time of 13 minutes, 1 second.

Jayden Haugen, a Twin Spruce seventh grader, took third place in her race to lead both Sage Valley and Twin Spruce runners. She finished with a time of 13:45.

Twin Spruce’s boys were led by Corbin Branscom, a seventh grader who finished sixth with a time of 12:36.

Vinae Stillman, an eighth grader, had the highest finish of all the Sage Valley runners. She ran the race in 13:40 for fifth place. Seventh grader McKayla Ely took 13th in her race with a 14:31 time.

On the boys side, seventh grader Connor Phipps was 10th with a time of 12:47 for Sage Valley.

Nolan Hottell led the eighth grade Sage Valley boys with a time of 13:14, good for 19th place.

The Sage Valley team also competed at the Wright Invite earlier Oct. 5.

Stillman led the eighth grade girls with a fifth place finish and a time of 13:30.

Bradley Ekstrom, an eighth grader, led the boys with a seventh place finish and a time of 12:50. Behind him in ninth place was Phipps.

Ciara Coombs led the seventh grade girls with a time of 14:22 and a 19th place finish.

The Eagles have the district meet in Buffalo on Saturday.

Top finishers

Twin Spruce

Eighth grade girls: Avery DeWine, 13:01 (2nd), Makayla Mayer, 14:01 (12th), Madison Melinkovich, 14:18 (21st), Sarah Roll, 15:39, (34th), Payton Whitt, 15:59 (38th)

Seventh grade girls: Jayden Haugen, 13:45 (3rd); McKeelie Hink, 14:13 (10th); Kiara Sheehan, 14:49 (19th); Kierra Foss, 15:12 (29th); Kendra Jensen, 15:29 (41st)

Eighth grade boys: Nathan Frady, 13:32 (27th); Layne Hubert, 14:38 (48th); Russel Rankin, 17:52 (66th); Alex Ostrom, 18:09 (67th)

Seventh grade boys: Corbin Branscom, 12:36 (6th); Deacon Cain, 13:16 (18th); Lawson Lutgen, 13:54 (30th); Sean Schroyer, 14:48 (57th); Matthew Israelsen, 15:01 (64th)

Sage Valley

Eighth grade girls: Vinae Stillman, 13:40 (5th); Emily Fox, 14:05 (15th); Megan Doherty, 14:09 (16th); Grace Fox, 14:09 (16th); Adelaide Plett, 14:53 (27th)

Seventh grade girls: McKayla Ely, 14:31 (13th);Syrei Johnson, 15:13 (31st); Ciara Coombs, 15:38 (46th)

Clara Bourgeois, 15:46 (50th); Sadie Mason, 16:02 (55th)

Eighth grade boys: Nolan Hottell, 13:14 (19th); Zane Lechner, 13:57 (36th); Spencer Erickson, 14:05 (38th); Treyden Smith, 14:21 (44th); Wyatt Lewis, 14:33 (45th)

Seventh grade boys: Connor Phipps, 12:47 (10th); Bevan Evenson, 13:02 (15th); Patrick Hardesty, 13:16 (20th); Kaldon Hatzenbihler, 14:04 (33rd); Jake Nichols, 14:25 (43rd)

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