What a great show! It is such a rollercoaster of emotion. The music has a bluegrass feel. Kuddos to Bessettes and what they are able to do for the arts in Campbell County.

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Meanwhile, Commissioner Shelsted is implying the religious group is being discriminated against.

Jacob, you do realize that classes are not designed to make money, correct? Does that mean you would cut every class?

Mr. Clem, you often wanted to make cuts to K-12 education. Why would we want you on the college board?

Sorry Bill, but you are very incorrect on many of your claims about Sheridan and Gillette Colleges. First of all, we've had serious conversations for years about needing to separate Gillette College from the NWCCD. In fact, there have been many problems for Gillette College that are all b…

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Just an observation: the rainbows in the pictures are not the rainbows that are used by the LGBTQ community. The LGBTQ rainbows go red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.

Unfortunately, local pastor Scott Clem had several disturbing posts on his Facebook page that were very anti-LGBTQ. As a pastor, I would hope he would preach love thy neighbor and acceptance, but he has not. Why is that acceptable at all?

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Thank you for speaking up Elizabeth.

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Very true, Shelsted is part of the group who started this fiasco of hate toward the LGBTQ community in Gillette. Religion does not belong in government. There is separation of church and state for a good reason.

The hatred toward Ms. Oz started on Scott Clem's Facebook page. I'm sickened that a pastor would speak so much negativity about some one who has never met, let along the show that he has never seen.