Poor Baby Trump can't get his way so he runs away.

Why does this article say 59 cases are active and the map they News Record has says 92 cases are active in Campbell County?

Masks are not slowing down kids from play and being social.

Masks are working in schools. We do NOT see the spread that was feared would happen when schools opened, and this is because of the precautions we took. Our health department is to be commended for making the tough decision to have the mask requirement in schools. We must stay the course …

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It is foolish to think taxation is theft like the far-right is pushing. If we want our society to work, we have to have a tax base. Now can we spend better? Yes, but there is no way to cut our way out of the problems that weak politics has to lead us to.

Remember, school districts have already had to make cuts before all of this happened with the shortfall.

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First of all editor, you obviously do not understand FERPA or HIPPA. The school district is not obligated to share any information concerning the health of students or staff to the media. Furthermore, contact tracing is done by the health department, and when they report infected to the m…

Unfortunately, this is a fool's errand.

It is too bad that no one in government seemed to see this coming. It is too bad that our state and municipalities have not encouraged growth and infrastructure in other sectors besides the energy industry, all while watching the energy industry spiral for 10 years. Even without COVID, Wy…

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Ms. Huskinson, what revenue streams would you suggest? Increasing taxes is something Wyoming is extremely against, so that really is not an option. In fact, many of the candidates now want to cut taxes, even though taxes are quite low in Wyoming. Of course, I disagree with cutting educati…