After observing Nick Jessen for several years, here in Gillette, I would not support him for this, or any other public position.

Breaking the law... time after time after time... Put Him Away!!!

It appears that one or more of our County Commissioners acted on rumors and misinformation, rather than researching any concerns to actually see what was based on fact and what was either someone's bias or simply something not true.

I'm not sure that Mr. Dalby has a full grasp of how all of this works. What is his background that qualifies him to make such decisions. I am concerned that he might be speaking out, when he doesn't quite understand what he is talking about. I don't mean to offend, but he is young, inexpe…

justmyopinion commented on Getting vaccine is right thing to to

Perhaps this is over simplified... But, this is a medical issue. When my car isn't running, I don't call my dentist. When I have a bad toothache, I don't call a plumber. When I need work done on my toilet, I don't call an electrician. This is a medical issue... so, contact a doctor who yo…

Outstanding!!! This is one more example of the many programs and opportunities that Campbell County School District provides our children. STAR program, the Alternative School, financial help paying for lunches... We are extremely fortunate to live in Gillette!!!

Prosecute and Send Him To Prison!!!!!!


This is a medical issue. I would hope that if there are people questioning whether they should be vaccinated or not... simply ask your doctor, or a doctor that you trust... Should I be vaccinated? Our medical people are the experts in this field.