We will now waste a great deal of time and money on Psych evaluations, attorneys, trials, appeals, etc... I believe that we return to the land of common sense. If someone takes the life of another human being, in an unlawful manner, they should give up their life.

I don't believe that Gillette, Wyoming has ever been considered a center for the fashion industry.

justmyopinion commented on does Cheney desert Trump over the Kurds?

Once again... Cheney is not a Wyoming resident. She is an outsider riding on her father's coat tails to a wealthy future as a politician. We were dumb enough to vote her in... why should we be surprised by anything she does or does not do.

Why... I can't imagine this fine looking young man guilty of any wrong doing.

This reminds me of "Black Week" when I went to college. Our university was trying to enlighten everyone about the many positives of blacks in our community and culture. It turned out to be a week where a wide variety of blacks would come to our university and hang out... everywhere. Speak…

justmyopinion commented on Man pleads not guilty to stabbing dog

Suspended license, expired registration, no insurance, and stabbing a puppy... what a loser!!! And now we are going to waste a lot of time, energy, and money to go to trial??? Just drop this guy off on a deserted island somewhere and be done with him.

This is an incredibly difficult decision for our schoolboard and administration. Yes, we must protect our most precious resourse... our children. We have entered into a very frightening time for our entire nation. I don't know that having teachers and school personnel take on this respons…

Bravo!!! I agree 100% with the idea that a "Community College" should strongly include the surrounding area's young people and student athletes. Congrtatulations, Coach!!!!!

justmyopinion commented on Money for sports and not school safety?

Well stated.

Perhaps someone should visit with the Jeep dealership and ask what it was that picked up a 4 door Jeep and tossed it down the hill.