Sadly I have to agree with Mr. King. Joe Biden is a "decent guy" but we need more than decency here. Biden was not my first choice I would have much rather seen a younger, newer face in the race. But he is what we have so I will be voting for him. I would vote for a cockroach before I wou…

This is one sick jerk! He should be locked up for along time, preferably naked.

How sad that the Republican party can't see past their misogynist noses and realize if they want to survive they need to include more women and minorities. I hope the Cowgirl Run Fund will keep going to help women become more involved in politics. Old white men don't have all the answers.

Great now you're teaching a six year old to hate the other side? I appreciate your brother's service and hope he stays safe.

I wonder if Trump had a fancy resort in Alaska whether he would have gone ahead with allowing drilling in the wildlife preserve? Oh well, just play through I guess.

I sure hope you are right Cap'n I don't think I can stand four more years of Trump incompetence, chaos, lies, and corruption. It's really to bad our most important leader is not chosen by all the people but by a few thousand people in four states. We can't call ourselves a democracy.

Amen Skyler, good point. As a "liberal" not from California I don't like paying taxes any more than the next person but if we hope to have any kind of a livable society taxes are necessary. I would rather pay a "little" tax on things than a "big" tax all at once.

It's really to bad that you all didn't see the writing on the wall years ago and do some proactive things to bring in different revenue streams other than relying on mineral industries for 100% of our tax base. Now things are collapsing and it's pretty much to late for that. I'm sure we w…

Really? You don't think well paid teachers and well funded schools produce a better educated child? Take a look at the disparity in education between poorly funded school districts around the country as opposed to well funded districts. Blimey, educate yourself!

Coal can often spontaneously combust. It can be a common problem in many coal mines. And as it heats up in a coal seam close to the surface it will cause grass and trees to catch fire.