Don’t hire from within the County Attorneys office. Get rid of the politics in that office.

Painter1992 commented on Get ready for sub-zero temps

Must be global warming

Isn’t the tax revenue at a decline? Who will pay? Definitely not the coal mines. That only leaves the people who aren’t unemployed yet. Why spend needlessly? Is it because the commissioners are not in touch with reality? Sports don’t pay my bills.

Is the rate dropping because the benefits have run out for the unemployed? I bet it gets worse before long. Yet the city and county still spend like the coal mines are at a peak.

I bet the city and county still spend more on non necessities than what they should. New college district, water pad in the middle of nowhere softball fields, studies to learn more ways to waste money.

What kind of notice is that? If he couldn’t fulfill his obligation as an elected official then why did he run? If you ever listened to him at trial you’d understand we are better off without him anyways.

Revenue decline and the county wants its own college district. How does more spending make sense?