Mr. Bennett, please let us know when you plan to pull your head out of your hind quarters, as that explosion will be worse than Yellowstone. You are pathetic sir, or could it be ma’am?

papaJ commented on It was a great performance

Mr Bennett, 1) Do whats right for your family, quit trying to force you ignorant blabber on other family’s who actually know how to be parents! 2) Fill out the needed paperwork and submit it if you have a problem, quit thinking you don’t have to follow rules. 3) If you don’t want YOUR kid…

Your one of the few that has figured out this will happen one way or another. So sit back and enjoy the show!

They need to return to reality, they are totally out of control!

Its quite obvious they don’t listen to the majority of the county!

Its great we can have our own opinions and agree to disagree. The problem you can’t seem to see is your spending large amounts of TAX payer monies without community approval. Something YOU like is not something the tax payers should pay for. Being your on the board, you should be ashamed …

I’d rather have Shelstad speaking his mind and support what some the people also feel! Ever view should be discussed, not just the Julie Mason view. Everyone and every group and person has a right to speak, unlike you who wants your point of view to be the only one!

Really dumb post. Grab your water hose and spray away! Be thankful they are fixing something!

Why do you want to keep sending our local money to Sheridan without having any say in what it goes for. Thats millions going away right now. Dalby lacks the ability to state facts! Bill Fourtner is an embarrassment to us and the legislature! Sports will be at the Gillette College no matte…

Past actions during the legislative session!

Dalby has shown repeatedly that is “information” has not been real accurate. He is mostly full of assumptions, NOT facts. To say this is all about sports is a real disservice to all the students at the college! As for Bill Fortner, he showed how much of a joke he is durning the padt