I find the mayor offensive! She should resign, sooner the better!

What about the areas where chickens are already allowed, without “fees”?

Facebook “likes” that offended the mayors out of state friends?

The mayor should resign also!

Congratulations! Hope it all works out for you!

Point: Rush was 100% right concerning the Duke Lacrosse situation! In fact, I never knew Rish not to tell the truth! You may not of agreed with it, but it was the truth!

Rest In Peace Rush!

I was one of the last people hired by black jewel. Brandy Elder, you have no place to attempt to claim PTSD! You played right along with hoops. I specifically asked you if the company was safe, financially solid, and a safe employment choice. You, Brandy Elder, assured me that black jewel…

I am sorry this officer was placed in the position he was. Thank you for doing your duty! To bad for this officer that ammon wasn't still in the pen where he belonged!

Liz, you are nota Wyomingite, and before you vote to impeach, look at the vote talley from WY for President Trump! If you do vote to impeach, start packing your bags, oh wait, you have no connection to Wyoming!

President Trump DID NOT encourage the riot in any way shape or form! He …

I want to thank Senator Lummis for standing up, and following her oath of office! Anyone that believes the Presidential election was honest, and not fraudulent is a moron! If you can’t seethe cheating and fraud that took place in this election, you are the problem!