Because we all know teachers would never take liberties with students, or participate in illegal activities of any kind.

What did they have to cut besides Civics Class, Health Class, and American History?

SaraP commented on There are 3 political parties

There may be four political parties. My 6 year old niece said, "We are not Dumbocrats. We fight for liberty and we will get our world back! My brother is in the army fighting for our freedom."

Covid. The virus that forced people to pay their own way or go without. The virus that made people rediscover that sports is extracurricular. Covid. The virus that brought back American Patriotism. Covid was not all bad.

Educated? Do they even know what rights the American Constitution grants them? Do they know that women had fewer legal rights than colored people until 1974, in the USA? Closed schools is the blessing that came out of Covid.

884,000 people die every year from hepatitis B virus and complications. So far, worldwide, 822,000 deaths attributed to Covid. Whatever Covid is about, it isn't about our health and safety.

Amen, Jodie!

"...the Legislature has a duty to “protect and promote health and morality of people.” Campbell County doesn't seem to put a lot of stock in morality, so why is health a legislative issue for them? Maybe these folks could move over to make room for Americans on the bench.

Shay participated in censoring and censuring a citizen over a facebook posting in 2018. Looks like shared ethics to me.

Has Hades frozen over? I find myself agreeing with a comment from Ka12.