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What a bunch of losers. However, our excuse for a County Attorney is likely to slap them on their wrists and tell them to "party on".

Obviously we need a real County Attorney. One that doesn't plea down to such low sentences that they do not constitute a deterrent to further criminal activity. The County Commissioners made a major mistake appointing a public defender to the County Attorney position. We need a new County…

3rd felony pretty much tells us that this violent career criminal cannot be rehabilitated. People make mistakes, so most of us believe in a second chance. This loser had a second chance and blew it. Then he had a third chance and blew it. Time to throw the key away.

Obviously the Commissioners selected the wrong person to be our county attorney. I congratulate Judge Healy for overruling liberal county attorney Damsky. I think Damsky can't get over his former role as a Public Defender.

Is this a joke?? $222,160 for a crosswalk?? Aren't crosswalks just a few gallons of paint? It probably cost more in County staff time to apply for the grant than the cost of a few gallons of paint. And the commissioners have "discussed it for the past three years"?? "A designer needs to b…

Too bad they don't just throw the key away. Obviously a career violent criminal. Doesn't belong in a civilized society.

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Fact! For 13 years I lived in what our government classified as a 100 year flood plain. In those 13 years at that location, I got flooded 3 different times. That's the real world, not some overeducated geniuses guess.

Why so much fear around an illness when the "Scientists have said 99.4 percent of COVID-19 cases result in a mild illness". Check the article:

Thankfully Wyoming doesn't have as many sheep as some states.

No, it's to be applauded that we're not sheep. At long last the CDC has admitted that only about 10% of all the "so called Covid" deaths were attributed solely to Covid. All the others had comorbidity. So, unless you have other serious medical issues, Covid isn't such a big deal.